Freedom Against The Odds!

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What If You Could Live A Life Of Passion… Adventure… AND Great Wealth?

If you would like a glorious life where…

  • Passive income pours into your bank account like clockwork – no matter where you are or what you’re doing 
  • You finally sleep like a baby, knowing your future is  secure and you are out of harm’s way (never again worry about what the market is doing!)
  • You wake up happy and energetic – in total control over your time and destiny
  • You answer to no one but yourself and follow your passion instead of your boss
  • You can finally afford (and enjoy!) the luxuries you always wanted for your family

Whether you want just $500/wk rental income or to create a six-figure income… 

…this seminar shows you how anyone can do it – starting from scratch!

“Now I’m earning about $1050 a week rental income, and just started my own business!

“Thanks for opening my eyes to what’s possible – and giving me the confidence to get to the next level!”

Carol Smith

Mt. Gambier, SA

“Who knew I could make $12,000 a year from my spare room!

“With the little $100k reno you suggested, our rental income next year will triple – – to about $38,000 per annum!

“All Without having to buy a single property!

Lucy Scott

Blackburn, VIC

“I earned $184,500 in just four months!!!

“As a full-time carer, I never thought I of all people could afford to invest in real estate.

“But I followed your steps and to my shock and delight – they worked!!!

“I can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind you’ve given  my family and me!”



“I’m averaging $4500 per month (conservatively) in passive rental income!

“Thank you for opening up a new way of thinking for me ––

I’m earning more than I thought was possible!”

Jen Clark

Wood End, VIC

From $500 A Week To A Six-Figure Income: Here’s How Anyone Can Do It – With Or Without Cash!

Jo Vadillo
Bernadette Janson
Nhan Nguyen

Hello, this is Jo Vadillo, Bernadette Janson, and Nhan Nguyen. 

Together, we have over 72 years of real estate experience. We transacted over $35 million dollars worth of properties. Completed over 100 transactions. 

And we did it all… 

Starting from scratch.

Jo’s parents were just in high school when she was born. She shared a bedroom with her single-mum at her grandparents’ house until she was ten years old. 

Nhan’s family arrived in Australia as war refugees – with nothing but the shirts on their back and a “work well, and you’ll do well!” attitude. (Which, as we all know, doesn’t work.)

Bernadette began her journey to as an average-wage nurse, struggling to put her four kids through school and university.

To say almost everything was working against us attaining wealth would be an understatement!

But that didn’t stop us. And after blood, sweat, tears (and some expensive mistakes…) we found it:

The secret path to securing freedom against the odds

We’re excited to share it with you in this seminar. 

You will discover a completely different way to increase your income and secure your financial future. 

One that doesn’t require large sums of cash, big bank loans, or making large compromises in your lifestyle. 

It’s designed for people who, just like us, won’t let the fact they weren’t born into money stop them from attaining freedom. And attaining it NOW. 

      Loving The Lifestyle!  

FACT: 90% Of Millionaires Made Their Money Doing This

Did you know 8 out of 10 millionaires are first-generation rich? 

They weren’t born into freedom – they started from scratch and attained it themselves. But how? 

The same way we did.

As it turns out, 90% of millionaires have used one or more of the  wealth-creation shortcuts you will discover in this seminar.

These are the shortcuts that set us free us from money worries. 

And we believe they will do the same for you.

Money Shortcut #1: Rental Income On Demand!

Earn A 6-Figure Income From Other People's Properties!

Janette* racked up 18 listings in 18 months and generated almost $500,000 in one year – without owning a single property! 

And while $500k is not the norm…

…you can start earning $500 a week very fast – – and thousands of people have scaled it up into six-figures!

  • Perfect for anyone who wants to get into the property world but can’t afford to buy a property right now
  • Easy to get started: go from “standing position” to “money coming in the door” in 7 days flat
  • Learn how to identify the next top performing-areas (you’ll beat the clueless “experts” who almost always get this WRONG)
  • Critical tip to avoid getting your place trashed (don’t miss it!)

Rented At $750/WK, Subletted On Airbnb. Average Yield Of $1200/WK ($2000/Month Profit!)

DOUBLE Your Rental Income… And Then Some! (Easy Way)

Beverly* will finish paying off her mortgage 18 years sooner than planned – saving her $250,000 dollars in interest alone!

How much would your life improve if you could pay back your mortgage two-times faster? 

What about stemming the hemorrhaging of cash caused by negatively-geared properties? 

These simple steps will help you dramatically increase your rental income in a matter of weeks…

Turning dud properties into cash cows… and putting your portfolio-building efforts on super-drive!

  • Cheap renos that generate a substantial increase in cash flow – without eating into your pocket 
  • Should you put your current assets on Airbnb? There’s an easy and accurate way to find out!
  • Got a backyard? Forget about growing produce… grow a cash cow instead! ($26,000 a year from a $100k one-time outlay? Easy!!)

Rent Up 88.89% – Just By Optimising The Airbnb Listing!

Source: Channel 9’s A Current Affair Facebook page

BONUS! Airbnb Money Secrets

Earn 20x times more than the average Airbnb host – even with subpar properties!

Every man and his dog is on Airbnb these days… but most people have NO CLUE what they’re doing! Discover… 

  • Warning! Why having a 100% occupancy on Airbnb is actually BAD for your profits
  • The one thing you must do to ensure you get 5-star reviews even when your property is NOT 5-star!
  • How to (legally) game the Airbnb algorithm and make them promote your listing for free
  • Critical tip to avoid getting your place trashed (don’t miss it!)
  • How to outsource all communication with guests and put your entire Airbnb business on autopilot
  • Where to find cleaners you can trust, how much you should pay them, and how to train them (set & forget!)
  • And more!

Profits Doubled 2.5x Times – From $850/WK To $2200/WK!

Money Shortcut #2: Develop Property = Develop Freedom!
(No Cash Needed – No Money Down!)

$200k Profit In 5 Months!

Maggie purchased this property with the help of a money partner for $960k. Cost of renovation, subdivision, development & legal fees: $1.285M. 

House sold for $890,000, land for another $595,000. 

Total profit: $200k for Maggie and her partner in 5 months!

$600/Week From $150k Investment (20.8% Yield)!

Lindsay (former pub owner) put this 2 bed, 54sqm Granny Flat in his back yard…

Cost Less Than $150,000 – rents for $600 per week!

20.80% yield ANYONE with a backyard can enjoy!

$200k Profit (22% ROI) In 11 Months!

Nhan bought this site no-money-down for $535k.

Total costs (renovation, development, council, and legal fees) $365k.

Sold the land (4 lots) for $746k, plus the house for $355k. Total sales: $1,101,000

Total profit: $200,000 (22% ROI!) in 11 months. 

$145k Rental Income + $120k In Equity Uplift

800sqm deceased estate bought NO MONEY DOWN. 

This 1 into 2 subdivision plus development has created two properties. Each with six streams of income!

Total combined yield: $145,000 p.a. gross… Plus additional equity uplift of $120,000 extra!

Look At These Stories… Anyone Can Do This!!!

“I put none of my own money into this deal, and now we’re standing to make $80,000 in eight months!”


“I locked in $110,000 worth of profit in six weeks using almost none of my own money.”


“My money partner and I expect to make $140k, excluding tax & GST over the next few months!”

Council Worker

“I made $80,000 profit in six months – the same as I make in a whole year at my day-job!”


“I made $80,000 profit in six months – the same as I make in a whole year at my day-job!”

–Paul & Lucy,
Ex-Mechanic and Ex-Admin

Buy, Develop, Subdivide, Or Renovate – Without Pulling A Cent Out Your Own Pocket

Earn 20x times more than the average Airbnb host – even with subpar properties!

Every man and his dog is on Airbnb these days… but most people have NO CLUE what they’re doing! Discover… 

  • How to buy all the property you want 100% no money down – no cash, no servicing needed, no begging
  • Why anyone can do it – and how to go about it
  • Secret online forums where you can find vetted, trusted, reliable money partners to support almost any project!
  • How no money down contracts work – from legal clauses to deciding how to split the profits
  • What legal entities are typically required
  • How to set it up at minimum cost for maximum profits!

“I had zero dollars in my savings account when I got started. I thought I’d never make it.

Then I found out about no-money-down investing and everything changes. Having no cash wasn’t an issue anymore!

Six months later, I fired my boss and left the day-job for good. I’ve been semi-retired ever since. Now I only work when I want to, not because I need to. I control my own time. And I get to spend most of it with the people I love the most: my wife and two girls!”

Money Shortcut #3: Get Insanely Steep Discounts When You Buy

Don't "Buy And Hope"… Buy And PROFIT!

Discover Jo’s low stress, low maintenance formula that works for you:

  • Purchase a dual-income property in NSW, QLD, VIC, and Perth at a significant discount – without having to negotiate
  • How to get wholesale prices you can’t find on ANYWHERE else (not on any online platform, and not even offline!)
  • Your savings mean you have a positive equity position right from the beginning
  • Guaranteed ROI – no surprises!
  • Minimising your taxes
  • Best way to quickly find properties that make you money from the start
  • Positively geared properties mean you don’t choke down your cash flow and can grow your portfolio without hurting your lifestyle!
  • Pay back your principal home faster. Release yourself from over a decade of painful debt. Almost entirely hands-off!
  • The secret to getting huge stamp duty savings (more than 60% discounts!)
  • And more! 

In One Day, You Will Discover: 

 A Step-By-Step Plan To Creating Rental Income FAST

Even if you don’t own any property!

How To Double Your Rental Income Quickly

If you own a rental property, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table.

With a few simple steps, you can double your income (and maybe more than double!)

Where You Can Find Cash-Positive Properties For Cheap!

Yes, you can BUY a dual income property and be cash-positive from day 1! 

No Money Down Investments!

Want big cash payment now instead of passive income over time? Discover how to turn free blocks of land into FREE money… developing property no-money-down!


Free Bonus!

Reno Style Guide: 56 Ways To Hit Your Reno Styling Goals

Discover 56 PROVEN renovation techniques producing amazing profits in the current market!

Valued At: $37

Free Bonus!

Secrets Of Property Millionaires EXPOSED!

Go inside the minds of the country’s most successful property investors and learn how they turned a few thousand dollars into multi-million dollar property portfolios!

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Free Bonus!

Learn the 6 steps to successful property development.

You don’t need to have a big deposit saved to create positive cashflow for life.

You just need THIS BOOK!

Valued At: $19.95

Hurry!!! Only Limited Seats Available!
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Sun 15th March, Sydney
9AM to 5PM

Ryde Parramatta Golf Club 

1156 Victoria Road, West Ryde NSW 2114

ONLY $47
+ bring a friend for free!

Sat 21st March, Brisbane
9AM to 5PM

The Colsmslie Hotel

Corner Wynnum & Junction Roads Morningside

ONLY $47
+ bring a friend for free!

Sun 22nd March, Melbourne
9AM to 5PM

Canterbury International

326-330 Canterbury Road
Forest Hill, Victoria 3131

ONLY $47
+ bring a friend for free!

Why You Must Attend This Seminar:

Interest Rates At Historically Low Levels

We may not see such a brilliant window of opportunity again for a long time… If you’re looking to buy property – NOW is the time!

Peak Time For Airbnb

Airbnb is seasonal – and if you want to rent out other people’s properties (or your own) and have cash rolling in… this is peak time to get established!

It's A Buyers Market!!!

The leverage in negotiation is finally YOURS –– use these strategies and grab yourself some SUPERBLY PROFITABLE deals!


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